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BBI (Berlin Brandenburg International) – Berlin Airport

The works started in 2006 on expanding the Berlin Schonefeld airport with 970 ha and transforming it into the 1470 ha Berlin Brandenburg International airport presented our company with new possibilities regarding the manufacturing of membrane frame facades for shading and architectural purposes.

Wroclaw Stadium

In August, 2010 the contract for the roofing of the newly built Wroclaw stadium was signed. The new stadium has a 105x68m area, more than 40 m in height and can accommodate 44,000 spectators. It was designed for the 2012 European Championship, held by Ukrain and Poland, but since its opening in September 2011 it was the venue for events like concerts, boxing gala, different shows etc.

AUDI Hungaria Motor Kft.

For AUDI Hungaria Motor Kft. we have created a 24,000 m2 aluminium tent structure, out of insulated, double layered, filled with PE foam, on both sides PVC coated industrial canvas.

Erste Leasing Storage Tent

Storage solution for cars and motorcycles reclaimed from leasing.

Jánoshalma Municipality

In 2008 we were invited by the Jánoshalma Municipality to manufacture a marquee.

Lia Manouliu stadium in Bucharest

Discover the selection of our most significant project, executed worldwide and in Hungary.
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