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Flexible liquid storage tank, gas tank, liquid compost and firewater tanks

Through this section we would like to present modern solutions to the storage of liquids and gases. Our company, GRABOPLAN Kft., as manufacturer of fabrics has references that go back for 25-30 years regarding inner linings of liquid storage basins and for pools of different types and sizes. Our highly trained professional staff, equipment and cutting edge technology alongside with world standard quality raw materials that we use, make it possible to meet a wide range of our customers’ needs.

Our products are easy and fast to install, and the above-ground structures are easy to mobilize.

The perfectly waterproof liquid storage reservoirs and pool linings are suitable for storing fire water, irrigation water, liquid manure, waste water and for other industrial or agricultural dangerous substances with a capacity between 1 and 10,000 m2.

The canvas with insulating properties and with a role of giving structure to the storage tank are tested and are approved by the National Water Management Authority.

Zárt szennyvíztározó

Zárt szennyvíztározó

Vázas folyadéktároló

Acélvázas tüzivíztározó

Besides the traditional in-ground basin lining, we have developed new, above-ground flexible storage tanks (up to 100 m2) without extra structural frames. These products are perfect for storing fire water, fertilizer, suspensions or temporarily even oil.

Flexibilis ivóvíztároló védőtetővel

Flexibilis folyadékpárna

Flexibilis nyitott folyadéktároló

Flexibilis folyadéktároló védőtetővel

At biogas plants for the storage of gas mixture, of which 50-70% is methane that is produced during the anaerobe decomposition of organic matters there are storage tanks used because the production of gas is uneven. For the storage of biogas Graboplan offers two solutions:
  • rooftop membrane that seals hermetically the fermenters
  • storage tanks with double shell structure
The outer shell is under a constant pressure; its role is a protective one.

The inner shell changes its volume depending on the quantity of the gas.




Gáztározó tetőmembrán

Gáztározó tetőmembrán

Tekintse meg referenciáinkat a Flexibilis folyadéktartály, gáztárolók, hígtrágya- és tüzivíztárolók képgalériában:

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