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Graboplan - tent manufacturing on a high level!

Tent manufacturing

During the privatisation in 1989 the company was taken over by 3 Hungarian professionals who are still managing the company very competently.

Manufacturing base of the company is located in Gyr, Hungary, half way on Vienna-Budapest highway.

There were several modernisations during the last decades as far as the technology of tent manufacturing, lightweight membrane structures are concerned, as well as the machinery and the manufacturing process and used materials. Our skilled staff and the modern machinery ensure us a place among the world leaders of tent fabric manufacturers.

Thanks to the rapid development our company became one of the biggest European companies to produce tents and tensile structures.

Our goal is to create a wide range of products with high quality and durability.

The company has ISO 9002 quality assurance system since 1997.

The quality management system is supervised by the German TV Qualitts-Management Service GmbH, and Graboplan has TV CERT certification.

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Main product goups:

Tensioned membrane structures:

Aluminium frame tent:

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Air Dome:

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Flexible liquid storage tank, gas tank and firewater tanks:

Discover the selection of our most significant project, executed worldwide and in Hungary.
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Impossible to miss the way to Graboplan. See map and route planner to help your trip to the company.
H-9027 Gyr, Btorgyri u. 4.
Tel: +36 96 550 700 | Fax: +36 96 318 153

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