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Aluminium frame tent

The support structure of an aluminium tent is made of anodised aluminium profiles and surface-treated steel brackets. They can be manufactured in lengths between 5 and 60 m free spam, without any additional support, their shape is traditional, curved-poligonal shape and bended.

Material of the canvas: technical fabric with high tensile strength, coated with PVC on both sides.

Aluminium frame tents can be used practically for many purposes, either as permanent or as temporary setup: storage, industrial or military area, sporting events, cultural events, exhibitions, parties.

The most significant advantage of aluminium frame tent is mobility. They can be assembled and disassembled anywhere (a 1000 m2 tent can be set up in about 8 hours), they can be extended longitudinally without restraint, can be joined with other buildings and structures.

There is no need for concrete foundation; they can be installed on grassland, clay courts or concrete base.

Different types of aluminium frame tents can be individually purchased or rented.

The fabric and the structural elements of the tents meet the Construction standards, they have ÉMI (Construction Quality Control and Innovation) permits.

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