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Tent Manufacturing - About the Company

Through our predecessor Graboplan Tent Manufacturing and Technical Confectioning is dealing with tent manufacturing and tent canvas since 1969. This is more than 40 years of pioneering work, because in those times tent and tenth-cloth manufacturing was a new business segment Western Europe.

During the privatisation in 1989 the company was taken over by 3 Hungarian professionals who are still managing the company very competently.

Manufacturing base of the company is located in Győr, Hungary, half way on Vienna-Budapest highway.

There were several modernisations during the last decades as far as the technology of tent manufacturing, lightweight membrane structures are concerned, as well as the machinery and the manufacturing process and used materials. Our skilled staff and the modern machinery ensure us a place among the world leaders of tent fabric manufacturers.

Thanks to the rapid development our company became one of the biggest European companies to produce tents and tensile structures.

Our goal is to create a wide range of products with high quality and durability.

The company has ISO 9002 quality assurance system since 1997. In 2003 Graboplan developed a quality management system according to the standards of MSZ EN ISO 9001:2000 concerning to the manufacturing and executing activities, as follows:
The quality management system is supervised by the German TÜV Qualitäts-Management Service GmbH, and Graboplan has TÜV CERT certification.

Main product groups are the followings:
  • Air domes for temporary cover of tennis courts, swimming pools and football fields
  • Tents with aluminium frame for outdoor, cultural and sporting events, as well as for storage and other industrial uses
  • Tensile membrane structures for permanent and temporary covering of space with various sizes, stadiums
  • Liquid storage tanks, pool liners, gas tanks, pneumatic flood tubes
  • ... and everything else that can be manufactured from tarpaulin.
There was a significant development in used raw materials; the covers are manufactured not only from PVC coated high tensile strength industrial textile, but from teflon coated fibreglass (PTFE) as well, silicon coated fibreglass and ETFE foil. The surface of these materials are treated with UV resistant, fungicidal and dirt repellent materials; the lifespan of the PVC is 15-20 years and that of the fibreglass is 25 years, their fire hazard classification is “no burning droplets” (class A2 and B1). The cutted elements are connected with high frequency or with heat press, thus ensuring the waterproofing of the end product.

Besides the manufacturing of products from industrial textile, Graboplan Kft. offers site engineering and installation services.

Air domes

Material used:
PVC coated technical textile with high tensile strength
Supporting construction:
No support construction is needed. Tent is held by the air pressure provided by a special air handling system.

This kind of tent is ideal for indoor activities where large, bright space without columns is an advantage opposed to other types of covered spaces.

The advantages and properties of air domes manufactured by our company:
  • insulated shell structure
  • airtight bonding
  • translucent fabric
  • covers areas from a couple of m2 up to 10000 m2
  • fast installation
  • painted or hanged promotions on surface

Aluminium frame tents

Material used:
PVC coated technical textile with high tensile strength
Supporting construction:
aluminium frame, steel joints, 60 m wide without additional support

The advantages of aluminium frame tents:
  • mobility
  • 1000 m2 tent can be set up in about 8 hours
  • adjustable with other buildings or structures, expandable without size limit
  • insulated option is available
  • excellent for permanent and temporary covering.
The aluminium frame tent can be used as a permanent or temporary construction for the following purposes: storage, industrial or military area, sporting events, cultural events, exhibitions, parties.

Tensile membrane structures

Material used:
PVC coated technical textile with high tensile strength, or PTFE (Teflon) coated fibreglass, silicon coated fibreglass, ETFE foil
Supporting construction:
Laminated wood or steel

The most important function of tensile membranes are the protection against all weather conditions, due to the tensile structure there are endless possibilities in terms of shapes, thus it can be used in a great number of areas: industrial, outdoor and sporting events, cortiles, railway stations, stadium shading, protection against the rain, visual solutions etc.

The most important features of membrane structures:
  • produced in custom size
  • produced in custom shapes
  • the PTFE fibreglass doubles the lifespan of membrane
  • fast installation
  • adaptation to the surrounding architectural environment

Flexible liquid storage tanks

Material used:
PVC coated technical textile with high tensile strength
Supporting construction:
Self-supported construction, without frame, a tank that can be easily packed-up and transported. Suitable for temporary storage of a wide range of liquids.

The advantages of its use:
  • no supporting frame
  • takes up small place, easy to pack and transport
  • minimal preparations on site prior installation
  • resistance against small damages, repairable

Liquid compost and fire water tanks

The linings are made of PVC coated technical textile with high tensile strength in 1.5 mm thickness, waterproof and long lifespan.

The applied insulating materials are approved by the National Water Management Authority and they are included in the "Machine sponsorship catalogue of Ministry of Agriculture and Country Development"

The advantages of the canvas material manufactured by our company:
  • perfect waterproofing
  • open and closed construction
  • the liquid compose tanks have a lining with detection system
  • they can be built-in without size limit
  • adaptation to the surrounding architectural environment

We offer transportation and installation of the custom size pool linings according to the client’s requests.

Gas tanks

Material used:
PVC coated technical textile with high tensile strength
Supporting construction:
self supporting structure

The manufacturing of gas tank shells are executed according to different designs:
  • Double shell, with concrete foundation
  • Covering of concrete tanks or tanks from other materials
  • Cylindrical gas bag - no concrete foundation is needed
The design of gas tanks are made according to the different regulations and meteorological conditions of each country.

The advantages of its use:
  • no support structure
  • quick installation and packing
  • it can be used for all kinds of agricultural side products

Flood tubes

Material used:
PVC coated technical textile with high tensile strength
Supporting construction:
self supporting

The advantages of its use:
  • no frame
  • quick installation and packing

Discover the selection of our most significant project, executed worldwide and in Hungary.
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